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My friend has a really old enlarger. Its the Omega D series. It looks like a double condenser enlarger. Both condensers are in a metal tube and it does not look like its meant to be move easily for different enlarger lenses. She was using a 135mm lens with it. She bought a 50mm lenses so she could do some 35mm work. She isn't able to get an large magnification with the enlarger. Increasing the enlarger's height and the image is still 6x9 inches max. It might be the extended lens cone she put the lens on. We tried playing with the condenser but they always projected the same size image. Does anyone know what is wrong with the enlarger and what I have to do to increase the size of the image? Thanks.

-- David Payumo (, January 28, 2002


David, Check this out: Good Luck!

-- John Kasaian (, January 29, 2002.

On a D-2 a 50mm lens must be mounted on a flat board (no cone). The condensers remove by the 3 aluminum thumb screws. The correct condensors are small 2" affairs mounted in a similar large alum. Housing. The are many pounds lighter. Check the alignment since often the light weight condensors do not meet flat with the neg. Carrier. Basic design flaw of the Omega enlargers is that they lift the condensers from one side, making the lamphouse skew to one side.

-- Fred De Van (, January 29, 2002.

Actually, for best results with a 50mm lens, there is a recessed board.

-- (, January 29, 2002.

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