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2 questions for you 2X3 view camera users: (1) at what focal length if any, do you find it necessary to use center filters, and (2) I've read some arguments against using this type of camera because of the possibility of internal bellows flare reducing contrast. Has anyone seen this problem in the system you are using?

-- Mark Windom (, January 28, 2002



I use a 55mm Apo-Grandagon without CF and find that most of the time, I am happy with the images.

I assume you are worried about the bellows because of the potentially larger image circles compared to film diagonal... well, often times the actual ratio of image circles to film diagonal isn't that much different than 4x5. Clearly a 4x5 bellows with 2x3 film is great... but you don't see all 4x5 shooters using 5x7 cameras to avoid bellows flare now, do you! For best results I use a compendium hood, but I have many shots without hoods that are tack sharp... I still think a compendium should be used whenever possible with 4x5 as well.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, January 29, 2002.

I have likewise used the 55mm Grandagon (perhaps even the same one as referenced above, since we've both rented it from Photomark) and I've had no noticeable problems with flare. Both of my medium-format view cameras (Galvin and a Toyo 23G) seem to have adequately sized bellows as this has never been a particular concern of mine.

As for center filters, I've never felt the need to use one ever, even on the 45mm AP0-Grandagon I borrowed from a friend. Of course, I was shooting landscapes with it so perhaps the need was less critical?

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, January 29, 2002.

I'm using an Arca-Swiss 6x9FC and sometimes use a 47SA XL lens. I have never noticed any flare (only been shooting with it for about 8 months.) There is some light falloff on that lens and my 65SA when I use extreme movements. I don't have a center filter because I don't shoot chromes. With color negs, I can burn in the lighter parts in the darkroom without much trouble.

-- Sandy Sorlien (, January 29, 2002.

I use a Schneider 58 mm XL. I only shoot color chromes and always use a centerfilter, even with Astia. I find that I can get good slides without a centerfilter, but using one makes a huge difference in getting a close to perfect exposure (to my eye). I was very concerned about bellows flare when I got my camera. I've looked for it and never seen its symptoms (reduced contrast) in any of the couple thousand slides I've shot. For my 135 mm and 240 mm lens I usually use a lens hood. For my wide angles (75 mm and 58 mm) I don't. The image circles for the wide angle lenses aren't large enough to pose even a remote possibility of bellow flare, in my unscientific opinion.

-- Howard Slavitt (, January 29, 2002.

Mark, I'm a bit of a wide angle nut I have and use reularly a 35 Apo-Grandagon (even on 5x4-I love the "pin hole" like effect), 47XL Super Angulon and my favourite on 6x9 the 55 Apo-Grandagon. Because I only shot b/w I've never used a CF. I often find the light fall off to my likeing and style of photography. Also I've never noticed "bellows flare" with my Ebony.


-- Trevor Crone (, January 29, 2002.

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