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I have a Proto 2000 GP9 that has the printed circuit board for the headlights. Does this pc board come out completly if installing a dcc decorder? It says "X cut for DCC" on the ciruit board.

-- Tom Ziegler (, January 28, 2002



you can leave the board installed. There are 3 "X cut for DCC" spots on the board. Take a sharp hobby knife and make 2 parallel cuts close together at each X and remove the copper trace completely between the cuts.

I don't remember for sure but isn't there also instructions to change the bulbs to 12 volt bulbs if installing DCC? You will have to do that too - or else put a resistor in series with each of the existing bulbs. I'm at work right now so can't check on the resistor value. Contact me if you wnat more help.


-- Dale Gloer (, January 29, 2002.

To both Dale and Tom,

That is the kind of question and answser I really like. Just about to take the plunge myself. Tom, I have a Kato SD40-2 and wonder when decoder installation time comes, does the existing circuit board get removed. In my prolonged efforts to get the unit to run OK, the headlight board no longer works anyway.

Thanks Jack

-- Jack Chester (, January 31, 2002.


I just got a Proto 2000 GP-7 this weekend and was checking out decoder options. While I don't have much knowledge on the subject, the instructions for the GP-7 said to remove the large circuit board completely to be replaced with a DCC decoder. The smaller board for the headlights would stay, I believe.

Check out for their slim Plug-and-Play decoder specifically for the Proto GP-7/GP-9 units. The instructions look pretty straight forward. I also believe they have some slim decoders for Kato engines.


-- Alex Ryabin (, February 18, 2002.

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