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We had a beautiful day of weather here, record breaking temperature of 62 degrees today. Supposed to be close to 60 tomorrow, but rain is moving in! Then by the weekend it will be in the high 20's and snow!

Tonight though, I will sleep better than any King in his palace! Want to know why??? I hung out my sheets, pillowcases, blankets and quilt today, and they smell just absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to go to bed!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, January 28, 2002


I can't wait to go to bed either, but for a different reason! I subbed at a middle school today, and as soon as I arrived this morning, I found out that the school was flooded!!! I spent the day shuffling 7th graders back and forth between the school and the YMCA, walking up and down the hill 1/4 mile each way in boots with heels! My feet are killing me!

We can be thankful, though, because the weather here in OK was up around 65 - 70 today also, and a cold front is expected in tomorrow, so it's just a good thing that the cold front wasn't early, or the water main didn't break tonight instead! I'm also thankful that I won't have to shuffle 7th graders tomorrow! (unless they call me back....)

-- Christine in OK (, January 28, 2002.

Melissa Look to the east,is that full moon awesome or what.I took a walk this afternoon with the 3 dog's it's amazing how green the valley and woodline is,the dog's saw a few deer grazing in the clover field and thought it might be fun to bark &chase them a bit.I sometimes wonder if the dog's have a agenda for the day or do they just get up and do dog stuff..................

-- Steve in Ohio (, January 28, 2002.

It's in the 60's and beautiful here in Ky. too. Weird. I plan to wash bedding tomorrow and hang out if it is still this nice. I had to go go physical therapy today. Nothing smells better than lying down at night on those freshly washed sheets that have been hung out on the line! Unless it's freshly tilled garden soil or freshly mown grass! I'm easy to please. Don't give me perfume, just give me good natural smells!

-- Barb in Ky. (, January 28, 2002.

I washed rugs and hung them out. I really enjoyed the warm weather today becuase-my car broke down in town! I had to walk to the BP station and back,to get an extra fuse, then wait for husband to come so he could put it in-I just sat outside and enjoyed the weather! It was the best of all possible breakdowns-the weather was good, I was able to get help quickly, and the problem is not at all bad-a bad relay, but Mark can fix it. The moon is GORGOUS!!!!! The kids and I took a walk just at dusk, before supper and watched the stars come out.

-- Kelly (, January 28, 2002.

Lovely day here in AL.high in the 60s with sunshine in the late afternoon (finally)! One of the good things about being "retired" and having pain at night is that one gets up at weird hours and can enjoy things such as the spectacular moonlight! Last night at 3am, I was spending some time just looking out the window at the beautiful pasture while the moonlight made it look nearly surreal. I could still see some bright stars as well, and then got to watch a rabbit come on over by the chicken coop and have the leftovers that the hens didn't finish. Just as I was about to try to go bck to bed, a deer bounced right over the back fence as if it weren't there..the rabbit took off and the deer walked all around the coop and then scoooted off again. What lovely things to see and it didn't cost a penny!

-- lesley (, January 28, 2002.

It is a beautiful full moon this evening. I love the changing of the seasons and the variations of the weather, you truly just never tire of all the wonderful sights and sounds of this beautiful world we have!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, January 28, 2002.

It was rather nice to be able to walk out to the feed tha llama's in the middle of January without a coat and without truding through piles of snow.

-- Gary in Ohio (, January 29, 2002.


I smiled when I read your post here. The first thing I did yesterday morning was to wash the MB set of sheets and hang them outside. I also hung several quilts out just to air them.

Last night I was in the living room when I smelled this lovely "outdoor breeze" smell and thought someone had opened a door or window. I went checking and found that that my husband had just turned back the bedspread on the bed and that wonderful outdoor scent was actually coming from the sheets and quilts. It filled the whole downstairs! I always tell my husband that I wish we had the kind of front porch (more private) Where I could sleep there on a porch swing at night - this was almost that good :-) - love that smell of outdoor dried sheets!

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, January 29, 2002.

Our region is always so out of step with the rest of the country!

This week we have snow and freezing temperatures. It is our first snow in 2 years.

-- Laura (, January 29, 2002.

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