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I am most impressed with the info you have put together on the wiring of a layout to be run by DCC. However, in the general article on DCC wiring you continuously remind the reader that DCC is very new and that new stuff and upgrades will appear on the market frequently. That, I believe we would all expect and look forward to. I was quite surprised, therefore, to find that the article was last updated in March of 2000 almost two years ago. Has there not been extensive advances made across the board in that period of time?. I am 81 years young and building my first layout from scratch. I have less time than most in which to make and correct mistakes hence I am seeking as much good info as possible as I go along. You have put together a great Homepage. My friends and I refer to it frequently. Best regards John

-- John B. Bristow (johnbbristow@msn.com), January 28, 2002



I like your 81 years young. I've been 23 for almost half my live now! : )

You are right, the page on wiring track hasn't changed in a long time. If you look at the other parts of the site, you will see that some of the other sections have been updated much more recently.

I very much want to update the track wiring page. I can probably at least triple it's size as well as the rest of the website! I have a huge list of updates. Unfortunately, since my web page is free to the world, I can't quit my day job to update it as much as I would like. I'm a very busy person, so updating the web page usuually occurs while on an airplane. Do you know how much businesses have cut back on travel this past year? So I'm definitely behind. My apologies.

Fortunately, for you, track wiring has not really changed. Other aspects of DCC have. But track wiring is straight forward. The only changes I have in mind for the track wiring section are improvements in the page itself. A few more graphics, more text, new ideas of mine, that kind of thing. So go ahead and follow what I've written. Let's all hope business picks up in this country and I get to go on trips again and get things caught up.

-- Allan W. Gartner (wiringfordcc@augustmail.com), February 02, 2002.

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