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What are your experiences with Kodak Ektapan? I think I might like to try it, but since now that I have to buy a BIG box of it I'd like to get some feedback first from someone who shoots with it. Steve Simmons in View Camera suggests rateing it at 50 ISO. I mainly shoot landscapes, nocturnal, and aerials so this would be verrry slow for most of my shooting needs, however the fine grain and the fact that I can use HC-110 in dilution A makes me interested in giving it a try. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Thanks!

-- John Kasaian (, January 28, 2002


I thought of trying it too, but I heard that Kodak may soon discontinue it.

-- William Marderness (, January 28, 2002.

John: I have used a box of Ektapan in the past, but was not really impressed. It's o.k., but not any better. I did not find it to be fine grain, but I developed it in HC-110 dilution B. It is primarily a commercial studio film and responds much like color film to light. IMHO, it isn't worth the bother. There are too many other good films.


-- Doug Paramore (, January 28, 2002.

Decades ago I used it to take one of the best 4x5 images I ever did (a mansion surrounded by snow). Tonal quality was just super. The film has a long toe and Kodak says it's for use in low flare conditions (studio). Go figure. I couldn't get any locally the last time I tried, so went for a box of Ilford.

-- Conrad Hoffman (, January 28, 2002.

Like Verichrome Pan, it is one of the finest films available. In fact, it's ironic that Kodak still makes, to my mind, the finest B&W emulsions in the world. Grain and sharpness are irrelevant, although you will get fine grain with Verichrome Pan or Ektapan. I believe B&H carries Ektapan in 4x5

-- David Stein (, January 28, 2002.


Since you brought up the subject, my Kodak rep has informed me that Verichrome Pan is finished. It will be discontinued by the end of this year. If you like it, it's time to stock up.

-- Wayne Firth (, January 28, 2002.

Thanks once again for all the excellent comments. I'm still not sure if I'll try Ektapan, but now I know I'll have to put away some verichrome pan, my favorite 120 film. Except for tri-x pro which I sometimes use for experiments to see how it will perform under certain conditions before I haul out the 'dorff and try it on 8x10, I use verichrome pan exclusively in medium format. At least Old Yeller still makes AZO. I'm going to get my next box from Micheal Smith and Paula Chamlee.

-- John Kasaian (, January 29, 2002.

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