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Is there a burning softwear out there that let me make a Vcd from a slideshow presentation I made from a program? This program has Captions,Transitions,avi's,and sound.

-- lindap borders (lindap2@bellsouth.net), January 28, 2002



don't know if you are still interested in making a vcd so, i will just paste a response to someone elses question, if this doesn't answer your question then email me w/ more details

btw start from the bottom reading up.



I just pasted your original message at the bottom so i can respond to your question better.

First of all VCD stands for Video CD. You probably knew that! Well, VCD is for videos a slideshow can be saved as a video file e.g. .mpg .avi .wmv .asf ,etc but that would mean instead of saving it as an .exe you would have to go back to the drawing board and set up the slideshow with pics and music then save it as one of the above video files. then it can be converted to VCD format which is really .mpg

VCD can be played on VCD, VCD/DVD stand alone players, they can also be played on computers but the end user will have to do a little tweaking to play them as VCDs are saved as .dat files which Window Media doesn't readily recognize. So I take it you do not want to save your video as a VCD. What you want to do is save it as a data file on CD playable on any computer without too much fuss and therefore the need for an autorun.

Well, now assuming what you want is an autorun to run your slideshows, then there are two programs i use (actually one really isn't a program). There are lots of progs out there available from:




and others available by searching thru search engines.

Well, I will talk about the two progs i use coz there is a lot out there and i feel these two work best for me. But feel free to try out the others if you like.

The first one is an autorun code inserted into your CD.

This is the easiest way to create an autorun for your slideshow. It only adds 100bytes to the disk. Just include the below lines in a AUTORUN.INF file in the root dirctory of the CD along with the slideshow. Create the file with notepad substituting your slideshow file name in. (If you want to include an icon for your autorun it is possilbe ... but i will leave this out for now). Note save only what is between the lines. Also open notpad then type or copy the text in. If you right click and create a test file thru windows explorer it will end up with a different filename then intended that is AUTORUN.INF.TXT and that isn't what you want. ________________________________________

[autorun] open=start myslideshow1.exe _____________________________________________

then copy the two files to the root directory of the CD.

Simple, yes, problem yes, i have more than one slideshow that i would like to display. O.K. then it gets a little bit complicated but thank god coz the second program is really easy to use and it also has a place for your to insert a graphic picture to be displayed on the menu.

First of all the name of the program is Compact Disk Autorun V 1.3 Written by Jeremy B. Smith (Helamonster) (Good to give credit where it is deserved) Available from


Now, i have included the program here with some changes that will make it easier for you to set up your slideshows. Now to make changes simply right click on the menu bar of the program and select editor mode then just follow the examples that i have made and vuala your slideshow will be up and running. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, i could write a users manual if i carry on typing but i guess you would not have time to read all of and i have to go now anywayz.

good luck. ~m

> It's an .exe file. However, I've discovered since my post that Slides > and Sounds Plus is no longer supported by the new company that > acquired InMedia - but I still plan on using some kind of slideshow > creator that creates an auto-run .exe file. By the way, if you have > any recommendations of software, please let me know. thanks! Sandra

I am totally new to all of this so any help/tips/advice is greatly appreciated!! I have created a slideshow that was compiled in Slides and Sound Plus (v.2.0 - by InMedia). I'd like to turn this slideshow into a VCD. Does anyone know how I can burn a slideshow from another application into a VCD? I'm hearing lots of great things about Nero but since I've already created the slideshow with music and transitions, I don't want to have to rebuild it in another application. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Answers first of all, what is the extension of the file you saved your slideshow in, is it avi/mpg/exe/wmv/asf???


-- ~m (mtekayo@yahoo.com), April 03, 2002.

Try FLYVCD it work the best!

-- (jcooper33@usa.net), April 22, 2003.

Ulead picture show may help do what you want to do i use it and it dose make a vcd out of either jpeg or bmps

-- John Vincent (jwvincent@hotmail.com), November 10, 2003.

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