what is your favorite Illusion song?

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We here at Circle of Illusion industries are always curious as to what the average fan thinks. Today's inquiry is a simple one, we're just wondering what your favorite songs of ours are, so that we may better tailor our setlists to you, the dedicated fan. thanks again, and just remember folks, the 7:30 show is COMPLETELY different from the 11:30 show (if you don't know what movie the preceeding line is from, i may have to kill you) christopher (yeah it's my real name) robbins

-- christopher robbins (crobbins@circleofillusion.com), January 27, 2002


just thought some of you might like to know our fav. songs as well. . .so here goes the songs are like kids. you love 'em all, but some of them are just better behaved, others are really creative, and some are just a pain in your ass. but the ones i feel most connected to when we perform live are Ballerina_99, Palace of Silk and Change, and Infernal Allusion. We've got a new song you all will love, i know i do, and we may just pull it out at one of the next shows. Doesn't have a name yet, but keep an ear out for it.

-- christopher robbins (crobbins@circleofillusion.com), January 29, 2002.

oh, and breaking point, i love that one too. :)

-- christopher robbins (crobbins@circleofillusion.com), January 29, 2002.

my favorite song is to the screamers but i really like every track on the cd. i saw your show at colfax and i really liked the set line up you had in that show.looking foward to the next show to see you guys. later

-- daddy rue (cdrhew@qserve.net), January 30, 2002.

As the most popular and best looking, I figured our fans would want to know my opinion. As I, too, love all of our songs, I also have a few faves. Wendy is one of my faves due to the outstanding bass solo. On top of that, I share favorites with Mr. Robbins. The new song is definately setting new standards though. It's probably my favorite song to play now. That's all from your favorite bassist!! hehe

-- Baker (sgtbaker_21@hotmail.com), January 31, 2002.

I, like my father, enjoy To the Screamers for the power of it. However, it is not my favorite. I am most impressed by Infernal Allusion due to its passionate deliverance live. Then, again, there is Wendy, which I must admit at first was not even in my top five, but is quickly moving up the pleasurable listening list. I am not being very decisive today... maybe I will like the new song the best.

-- Roo, too (lrhew@iserve.net), January 31, 2002.

Hmmmm...my favorite song(s) are probably to the screamers, nosferatu, bitter me, infernal illusion. Nosferatu is my all time favorite though. Not that the unlisted sux, I would definitely rather listen to the rest than stick my penis in a meat grinder or clamp my nipples in a big workbench vise, or maybe even stick my butt on a wheel grinder. Oh, and to everyone that has mentioned something about me (the drummer) in the guestbook thank you! I need to your help to knock Baker out of the "most popular guy in the band race" I will strive a little bit harder to succeed. So we need to post a new question.... "Who is your favorite band member, and why?" Well, folks, until next time don't kill yourself, or do any of those things I said above, as I am sure that they would all hurt! Hoping to see a lot of people at these 2 shows we're playing, so.... "get off your ass get off your couch and go see Circle of Illusion!"

Adios Amigos (& amigas), Duane (the drummer guy)

-- Duane (circleofillusiondrummer@yahoo.com), February 01, 2002.

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