Bush continues his assault on working families-Whitehouse lies about it

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W'S TRIPLE PLAY AGAINST LABOR. In three recent actions, President Bush continued his administration's assault on working families and their unions, the AFL-CIO reported. On Jan. 11, Bush circumvented Congress and appointed Eugene Scalia, who has written that ergonomics is "quackery" and taken strident anti-worker stands as a corporate labor lawyer, to be the Department of Labor's solicitor, or chief attorney. With Congress out of session, the "recess" appointment prevents Congress from voting on the nomination. Scalia's appointment "is a slap in the face of American workers," AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said.

On Jan. 7, Bush issued an executive order revoking union representation for hundreds of workers in five Department of Justice offices involved in law enforcement, intelligence and investigations. ***LIE ALLERT***The White House claimed it was to prevent strikes by federal workers engaged in the war on terrorism, but current law already prevents those workers from striking.

The same day, Bush fired the seven members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel. Because federal workers do not have the right to strike, the FSIP is the last resort when unions and federal agencies reach an impasse on issues such as organizing and contracts. It either seeks a compromise or imposes a settlement.
On Jan. 11, Bush named four conservatives to the panel, including Becky Norton Dunlop, vice president of the ultraconservative Heritage Foundation, who will serve as FSIP chairperson.

-- Cherri (jessam5@home.com), January 27, 2002

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