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Hello all.

No real questions, but sort of an extended thoughts-about-AEon-ramble. Consider it a random, drive-by posting if you like.

Firstly I only saw the series through rentals of the videos. I was a little skeptical about the show at first, thanks to AEon's outfit on the video box cover and visions of borderline hentai dancing in my head (never trust anime nerdboys to recommend anything!), but the notoriety and repeated nudging helped. Took me forever to find the first volume after doggedly staring at the other two on a shelf at REEL Movies for months (volume one turned up at a Blockbuster ironically). Love the series. Not at first sight, but close enough. Just finished the third volume this morning, and wanted to get my thoughts out.

AEon is by far the best heroine of any genre I've ever come across. Genuine, uncompromising, and completely unapologetic in her own way of doing things. The fact that she's incredibly sexy doesn't hurt a bit. And I'm madly in love with Trevor Goodchild. I just want to carry him off and install him in some nook of the local art gallery so I can sit there and stare at his head all day long.

Very appreciative of the complex plots. Reminded me of a certain strain of sci-fi short story where the author takes an ingenious concept and destroys civilization with it in twelve pages, all the while being extremely droll and ironic. Can't really single out a favorite episode, but "Chronophasia" and the paralytic-jello episode had the most impact.

Thought the artwork looked vaguely influenced by the French illustrator Moebius. . .took a little while to adjust to, but excellent. Innuendoes quite a lot of fun after I realized they wouldn't take things past a certain point. Have declared the "Danger Boy" recitation my new personal mantra.

And thanks for reading. Bella

-- Bella Chou (redkanary@yahoo.com), January 27, 2002



I've got to agree with you. The plots in each of the episodes are simply amazing. Aeon Flux is one of those shows you can watch over and over again, and still be amazed at the complexity of the content.

Chronophasia is your favorite episode? I don't understand why everyone seems to like the one the most...

-- Ron (Seldszar@hotmail.com), January 28, 2002.

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