4x5 scanner: Microtek scanmaker 45T?

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Hi Guys, Has anybody got any experience/s using this scanner? Its scanning res max is only 1000x2000 so it's nothing spectacular, in fact it is a low end scanner. Responses will be greatly appreciated.


-- Renee Galang (r.galang@chisholm.vic.edu.au), January 26, 2002


It's a low end scanner.

Your results will be disappointing.

-- Matt O. (mojo@moscow.com), January 27, 2002.

Low end scanners will not always dissapoint, it depends on your final output. I use a flatbed UMAX e3740 600dpi scanner fot all 4X5 scans for web output or small print.

This sacnner bundle cost $150 Canadian, and that included PS 5.0 LE, so the actual scanner cost about $65 U.S new. On well exposed transparencies, it does an excellent job.

The thing to remember is a 4X5 transparency or neg has quite a lot of information on it, and to scan at high dpi means huge file sizes, much of which will be thrown away when you resize for final output.

Sure, if your final output is going to be larger prints, or critical applications, a pricer flatbed will give you better bit depth and higher DMax - and you may well need both - but depending on your output, a low end scanner can do the job.

-- Michael Mahoney (mike.mahoney@nf.sympatico.ca), January 27, 2002.

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