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I need a PK or AK screen for my New F-1. They seem to be a bit hard to find. Any help would be a life-saver.


Steve Phillipps

-- (, January 26, 2002


Steve - Assuming from the email address you're in the UK, you could try David SH Leung in London (sorry I don't have a phone number but they advertise sometimes in Practical Photography) who are a Canon Pro dealer. I've managed to get a couple of "rare" items from them in the past. Cheers, Mark.

-- MarkD (, January 28, 2002.


As I stated on a thread last September, Try giving York Cameras a call in London on +44 20 72 42 71 82. They're very helpful, specialise in Canon and have lots of interesting new, and older, Canon equipment - both new and used.


-- KC (, January 28, 2002.

Dear Kevin & Mark

Thanks a lot for the notes. I have looked at York cameras. Wow! they're expensive. They've got a mint F-1N for 1600! Even so I would pay top money for a K screen, but they didn't have one. As for David Leung. He has a PK for 120! But again it's pricey becuase people need them so we can't complain. His number is (0 44) 020 85996657. But I'm happy now because I've found one at a shop in the Orkney Islands of all places. Firth Cameras (0 44) 01856 761367. And just 32. They've got a whole bunch more too of many different types for anyone who's interested. Thanks guys, all the best


-- Steve Phillipps (, January 28, 2002.

Thanks for the Orkney info.

-- KC (, January 28, 2002.

I can recommend Firth Cameras very highly. Bought a new Canon Auto Bellows plus a 20mm macrophoto lens from them a few years back, at an excellent price. They seem to be able to get ex-demo and bin-ends from Canon UK. At the same time I bought the bellows, they had an ex- demo 200mm f/1.8L lens at a superb price. The shop is in a small village, and is effectively attached to the side of someone's house (or so it appeared as I passed on the bus!).

-- Joel Price (, February 04, 2002.

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