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I have been browsing through these postings and waiting for someone to come up with "the" design so I can give it a shot. Not out of laziness, but because I dont have the cash to invest in experiments. And given the cost of these LCD panels and lenses, I am sure you will all understand. I did want to help in the search for info though and I have a couple of things that may help.

The super-long web address to follow has an article that shows the inner workings of production LCD projectors of several different types, including light sources, lenses and reflectors. Be prepared though, this site reveals the true complexity of these things. And judging from some of the up and coming designs, it won't get any simpler. Some of the new technology discussed in this article seems downright alien. Check it our at: http://www.extremetech.com/article/0,3396,apn%253D5%2526s%253D1021%2526a%253D15893%2526app%253D3%2526ap%253D4,00.asp

Also, there is a company that sells every shape and size lcd panel you could possibly imagine from a 1.8" to a gigantic 22" widescreen. The name of the company is Accele Electronics located in Cerritos, CA. Their Phone number is (800)788-1212. Many of these would be perfect for this kind of application as they have no housing, just the panel and circuit board(s). They even carry extended length ribbon cables for many of them. These are sold for use in mobile video systems so they have very simple connections. Usually an RCA type connector for video signal and a couple of pigtail wires for 12 volt power input. They also have stand alone TV tuners if you wanted to add that on to your project. The only bad news is that they are strictly wholesale so you will need a resellers liscence to purchase these goods. If all else fails, I am sure you can get their stuff through your local car audio retailer but with the added cost of their mark-up. I think their web address is Accele.com. Their site is very basic, however, and does not cover even a fraction of what is available.

Hope this helps!

-- Kevin Trejo (kmtrejo@yahoo.com), January 26, 2002

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