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I recently acquired a Sinar P 8x10 kit (including 4x5 reducing back, bag bellows, 18" extension rail, Symmar-S 240/5.6, film holders). I need a case for carrying/shipping/storing the camera for when I take the camera with me somewhere and for when I move San Francisco in June. I assume I will place the case inside an inconspicuous cardboard box when I move, so the ability to lock the case is not of primary importance, but it's nice to have if I ever bring the case with me on an airplane (a rarity).

The Pelican 1620/1650 (with dividers instead of foam for flexibility) is very sturdy, has wheels, and can be locked. The Tenba 8x10 air case is nice in that I can hang the camera on the monorail, but I don't think it has pockets/holders to keep the rest of the stuff from moving around (especially during shipping).

What would your buy to transport or ship your equipment?

-- Tony Karnezis (, January 25, 2002


Tony, I can't comment on a case for shipping your camera by air. Since I started shooting 8x10 I can't afford airfare, but for general transport by automobile, my camera rides in a nondescript igloo cooler along with my film holders, light meter and lens. I duct tape the whole thing shut and it can be rapidly opened with a carton cutter or pocket knife in case I need to make a quick snapshot like if I'm driving by a Krispy Kreme and see Elvis at the drive-thru. Leaving the old pieces of duct tape on is a security measure as in general thieves aren't attracted to things wearing multiple wraps of gnarly looking duct-tape. The cooler is insulated so well that it keeps my film holders from frying in the California sunshine. The downside is you don't want to leave it in your car if you go to Yosemite. The bears there can read "Igloo" perhaps Ansel Adams taught them? Anyway, the price is right.

-- John Kasaian (, January 26, 2002.

i have an 810p which i keep in a pelican 1620 case with a custom foam insert. you could fit everything except the film holders in one and it would be shippable. the 1650 isn't deep enough unless you disassemble the camera. the tenba air case is probably safer for shipping but much more cumbersome. the sinar expert case has room for everything but is very expensive and not as strong as the pelican.

-- adam (asfberg@hotmail.ccom), January 26, 2002.

I suggest a better case than either of the ones you mention: A Lightware VC case, Use Domke lenswraps for your lenses and holders.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, January 26, 2002.

does lightware now make a case wide enough for 8x10 (17")?

-- adam (, January 26, 2002.

Ellis, I searched for the case on their web site. Either I'm blind or they don't show it.

-- Tony Karnezis (, January 26, 2002.

I sent an e-mail to lightware and asked for guidance. I know I've seen such a case. As soon as I get a reply I'll post it here. Have you also considered Sinar's own heavy duty cases?

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, January 26, 2002.

though not sure if there is one will take the Sinar 8x10

Here is the Tenba stuff, which does include 8x10 monorails

-- Tim Atherton (, January 26, 2002.

I was wrong about there being a hanging type case for an 8x10 P2. here is the reply from Lightware:


Sorry, we really don't make a case for the 8x10 p2. Not that many people carry them around, especially now. If you are open to taking the camera apart, it will fit in the MF1623 or the MF1629. You will need a little creative packing in the MF1623 and I would recommend carrying the ground glass with you in either instance.

Best regards,


-- Ellis Vener Photography (, January 28, 2002.

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