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Hi, I am new to the photography world and I just recently bought an A-1 cannon SLR camera from an old pawn shop. The camera I got didn't come with a manual so I am trying to figure out all of its different functions but its hard for me to get used to it. If anyone with one like this could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

-- Sarah Crawfish (, January 25, 2002



I'm not familiar with the A1 but I know if you go to // you can download an A1 manual for free.

Good Luck

-- John (, January 26, 2002.


First thing you need is a battery, type PX28. The camera won't work without it. There is a switch concentric to the wind lever marked A, L, 2, 10. Move it to A to turn on the camera, L to turn it off. 2 and 10 delay the shutter release by 2 and 10 seconds. A second lever concentric with the two mentioned allows making two or more exposures on the same frame. It cocks the shutter without advancing the film. To the left of the advance lever is a window. This displays the set shutter speed or lens aperture. Move the little serated wheel on the front edge of the camera to change the settings. Turn the switch around the shutter release to AV or TV to control aperture or shutter. AV is aperture value. You choose the lens opening and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. TV, you set the shutter speed and the camera automatically adjusts the lens opening. Set the shutter to PROGRAM and the camera will set both shutter and aperture for you. Set the lens aperture ring to "A" for all of these features to work properly. You'll have to press the little black button on the ring to move onto or off "A". On the opposite end of the camera is the rewind crank. Pull the crank upwards to open the back of the camera and load the film. When you reach the end of the film, 24 or 36 on the film counter, press the small, recessed, button on the bottom of the camera and wind the film back into the cartridge with the rewind crank. Around the crank is the dial for setting the ASA speed of the film you are using. (The number on the box) There is a small silver button on the rim that you must press to turn the dial. That should get you going. There are more controls on the camera but after 19 years of owning one I still refer to the manual occasionally! The camera makes kind of a "CLACK" when you take a picture. If a "SQUEAK" or "WHEEZE" accompanies the "CLACK" the camera needs service. Hope that gets you started. Good luck with your photography. The A1 is a really great camera.


-- Bill Salati (, January 26, 2002.

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