Has God answered your prayer request in surprising ways?

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When I first came on the discussion board one of the contributors was Rev. Willem Hanse of Purity A.M.E Church in Katatura, Namibia I don't why but I just felt that Namibia was my second home. I have been praying to God that I could visit Namibia, to go to Purity church, I have prayed faithfully for 8 months, and was getting discouraged. But Monday night I was the keynote speaker for Martin Luther Day in another town. I saw this couple come in and they looked like relatives of mine, they waved at me before I spoke, afterwards at the reception, I was introduced them, they are from Namibia!! We hugged and hugged, it was like a homecoming. Dr. John is here with his wife on Sabbatical. I told them they looked like relatives of mine and they told me, I love like I am from Namibia, especially since I am tall, I am 5'10. God heard my prayer and he brought my Namibian friends so we could meet. It is not time for me to go to Namibia, but I know will one day, and I know God hears my prayers. Has he answered your prayers in unexpected ways?

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2002


the above line should read "I look like I am from Namibia"

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2002

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