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Good Evening, I am having problem converting .dat file to mpeg file. I am using vcdgear20 to convert .dat to mpeg. I have no problem converting it and viewing the file using media player. But when I use the converted mpeg file in Easy CD creator 5 I get the following msg. "input media file is not a Video CD("white Book") compatible MPEG stream". It continues to create the VCD, but the completed CD does not work in any dvd player. I have created several other VCD and they work fine on the DVD player so I know it is not the DVD player. Please help

-- Amit bhat (, January 25, 2002


I'm running into the same problem.If I understand the prompts correctly,all we need is an mpeg encoding progam.This will allow a change to a compatible rate to burn to vcd.If you find one please emailthe info to me.If I track it down I'll send you the site.I'm using Roxio 5.0 also.

-- Dene Sewell (, January 26, 2002.

TMPGenc can encode and re-encode all sorts of source files, including those lifted from the MPEGAV directories of other VCDs and converted with VCDGear. VCDGear should do the trick but if doesn't then TMPGenc will. Scratches on original VCDs will always show up as corrupt portions of video on playback of the lifted avseqxx.dat file in the newly created VCD; TMPgenc re-introduces all correct timings, etc. on re-encoding such that the glitch may still be there but sync is never lost on playback, and more importantly Nero will recognize the same and allow u to proceed with your VCD authoring. It may take a while re-encoding but if u value your product you will go through it. Lastly, STOP using Easy CD 5 if u value your time and efforts. U may have paid so-and-so for that but that's no reason to continue using it.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 26, 2002.

If you're looking to convert a .DAT that you just ripped from a VCD (under windows), check out . It'll strip out the cdxa tags m$ adds, & turn the stream back into pure mpeg.

-- chuck (, February 26, 2002.

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