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I have just received a Boss screen for my Linhof Tech 45. In the leaflet it says that it has been set up for direct replacement with the original GG, so that the screen is in the correct position. Has anyone experience of doing this or should I get a technician to do the replacement. I understand the issues involved in the correct positioning of the focussing surface on the Boss screen.

Many thanks


-- Robin Coutts (, January 25, 2002



If your Linhof ground glass is supported on adjustable shims you will do best toleave the job to an expert with the right knowledge and the right depth gauge (calliper). I was never able to come to grips with mine and ended up converting it to a rectangular frisbee out of desperation.


-- Walter Glover (, January 25, 2002.

Physically it's very easy to do with the Technika V and Master ground glass frames (the two Technikas with which I've had this done) so you might try it yourself and then do a focus test to make sure everything is alright. I've had experts do it before but was planning to do it myself with a new Master frame I bought last May but a couple of the screws in the ground glass frame broke as they were being removed (so much for German quality). Since the frame had to be sent to Marflex for removal and replacement of the screws, I had them replace the ground glass with the Bosscreen at the same time, but it would have been easy to do nyself if the screws hadn't broken. A friend has done this himself with his Master Technika and said it was quite simple and he's had no focus problems but obviously you should do a focus test after doing it yourself.

-- Brian Ellis (, January 26, 2002.

You have not gived enough information to proprly answer your question.

Do you have a Technika III (1946 - 56), IV (Mid 50 to 60's), V (mid 60's to 76) or the Master (1976 to present).

Older ones had the fresnel (if installed) under the GG. Later ones on top of the GG.

If under the GG on your camera it will require a service center adjustment to properly install your new screen. If yours has the fresnel on top of the GG you can do it yourself with no adjustments required.

If you have a III the GG for a IV or later can not fit.

-- Bob Salomon (, January 26, 2002.

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