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somebody ,who know that problem using virtualdub: everything works fine ( no loss of frames) in capture mode upon reaching 35 minutes capture duration. suddenly frame dropping is starting ,this error is reproducable. thanks for replying!

-- matthias wuetsfeld (, January 24, 2002


It has lots to do with various factors: what AVI codec are u using? In relation to that therefore what resolution and framerate does it have? Which leads to at what time does it reach either 2 or 4GB of HDD space?? With all trimmings on your system in Win98SE AVI capture stops, or does all sorts of weird things on hitting the 4GB mark not only with VirtualDub but with ANY capture program. This COULD be your 35minute mark. Capture devices and the programs that are used to run them normally depend on a very stable sync from the analogue video, which, when glitches on the tape occur on corrupted portions, frame drops occur and DO NOT stop until you restart the whole shebang.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 25, 2002.

Or you can go out and buy the following ;

1) A proper MJPEG encoder card or Firewire card 2) Get a faster machine with bus master PCI slots, lots of ram, dual processors and a RAID HDD system. 3) Change to NTFS and remove the 2Gb file size limitation 4) and above all go to www. for guessed it..Help.

Ian in malaysia

-- Ian in Malaysia (, February 01, 2002.

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