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hello, i am a proud owner of an EOS-650 aprox. 10 yrars old (in great condition). i'm looking for a vertical grip so i can add to my camera body from undernith it. also if somebody knows for a used one i would apriciate it as well because i want to buy one.

i belive the right type of a vertical grip for the EOS-650 is a "GR-10". if any of you knows otherwise please let me know.

also by e-mail to :


thank you


-- sharon sadeh (, January 24, 2002


Canon never made a vertical grip for the EOS 6xx bodies. The GR-10L is a "taller" grip, made for larger hands or a larger gripping surface, however it's not what I'd consider a vertical grip (no shutter release button in vertical position).

Canon did make (primarily for CPS members) a "Vertical Release Button T3" which screws into the GR-20 T3 socket. The VRB is a rare find and often fetches high prices at auction ($100+).

-- Dave Herzstein (, January 24, 2002.

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