8x10 Ground Glass Protector

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For what it's worth, I kept feeling the ground glass on my Deardorff seemed awfully vulnerable. I looked at ground glass protectors and they seemed pretty simple. The Canham looks fine and is only $35.00 - but right now this works out about CDN$56.00 with shipping. So I went DIY - I actually hunted down a scrap peice of plexigalss (happened to be opaque) about he right size, cut it to size with my trusty box cutter and then carefully heated up the middle with a paint stripper and bent it in half. Voila - a fineground glass cover for close to $0.00 (a bit more if you had to buy some plexi...)

-- Tim Atherton (tim@kairosphoto.com), January 24, 2002


FYI~~I have made two ground glass protectors similar to the Wisner press-fit wooden versions. It's quite easy and can be accomplished in a couple (maybe, three!) of hours including finishing. Makes an enjoyable DIY project and results in an elegant result.

-- Jay wolfe (bigbad810@hotmail.com), January 25, 2002.

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