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Please suggest a current b/w paper which has the same characteristics as that of the classic old Agfa Portria Rapid paper.

If none come to mind, please suggest a toning process similar to the above classic paper. Thank you.

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (, January 24, 2002


While Agfa Multicontrast doesn't look like Portriga, It seems to have the same characteristics that make P.R. such a pleasure to use. In the absence of P.R. I believe that if you try Multicontrast you will find it an acceptable substitute.

-- Bill (, January 24, 2002.

Luminos and Bergger both make warm tone papers that might interest you, though neither of them looks exactly like Portriga.

A press release from Agfa says they are renaming Insignia to Record Rapid (which is what it's been called in other parts of the world for 60 years). I find Insignia to be a pretty good paper, with some of the emulsion qualities of Portriga but on a white paper base.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, January 25, 2002.

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