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Here's a poem I wrote this morning for an e-mail list that swaps good reading. Thought some of you might enjoy it, too.

Pass It On
by Randal Matheny
Head in the Clouds

When forgiveness breaks through
And grudges are gone,
When love blossoms anew,
Pass it on.

When faith sees the way
By hope's marathon
To work just for today,
Pass it on.

When pride surrenders
Its ego's icon
For humility's splendors,
Pass it on.

When truth is heard,
And mercy's antiphon
Proffers the kindly word,
Pass it on.

Pass it on to children and friends,
From Florida to Oregon;
See that it never ends,
To reach Russia and the Amazon.
Pass it on!

Pass it on to bless the foe,
(A mission foregone),
To lift the fallen, bestow
The tetragrammaton.
Pass it on!

Pass it on in bleakest gloom,
On the banks of Babylon,
In Satan's smoke-filled room --
Even then pass it on.
Yes, pass it on!

Copyright 2002, Randal Matheny

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

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