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Tell me, is it possible for a new elected pastor to come and change the name of the parsonage after it has been consecrated by the previous pastor and Bishop. Does the pastor have the right to change everything in the church for the help off the minority members of the church.

I am only asking it to have some clearence as I dont have a copy of the latest AME discipline.



-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002


I believe a change if it is to a building or church property would have to be brought to the Official Board by the Trustees as an order of improvement and would take a vote of the church to be approved.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

Jerome, I guess my first question is Have you talked to your pastor about it?. I am sure that if approach him/her they can explain there reasoning for doing what they have done. Never undermind your pastor by asking questions using this medium that you can ask your pastor directly. With every pastoral administration comes new and different styles of administering and philosophy of administration.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

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