Purse humor

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I thought this was cute, as Dan thinks I have EVeRYTHING, PLUS the kitchen sink in mine! (Purelle hand sanitiser is the "sink")

AS THE BUS pulled away, I realized I had left my purse under the seat. Later I called the company and was relieved that the driver had found my bag. When I went to pick it up, several off-duty bus drivers surrounded me. One man handed me my pocketbook, two typewritten pages and a box containing the contents of my purse. "We're required to inventory lost wallets and purses," he explained. "I think you'll find everything there." As I started to put my belongings back into the pocketbook, the man continued, "I hope you don't mind if we watch. Even though we all tried, none of us could fit everything into your purse. And we'd like to see just how you do it." -- Contributed to Reader's Digest "Life In These United States" by Laurian S. Harshman

We weighed my purse once... 8 lbs!!!! I call it my LETHAL weapon.

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002


Those purses are the cause of much back pain in women. It's funny to see the women at work, on limited duty from hurting themselves lifting heavy mail containers, carrying around their heavy purses, lunch bags as well, and assorted other bags, but the doctor says not to lift anything heavy. LOL

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

I rarely take a purse out with me, having had two snatched in my lifetime. It's either not taken at all or locked in the car trunk. I have my credit card in my shirt pocket. They don't take plastic, I don't shop there.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

I gave up carrying a purse when I started carrying a briefcase.

One can fit ever so much more into a briefcase! (;

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

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