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Recently I purchased the latest style F1N camera. It appeared to be in mint condition. However, shortly after using it for the first time I noticed that the first exposure the shutter speed was considerably longer than the one I selected. I'd advance the shutter and take another shot with the same speed and was correct. Does anyone know of this problem? Also, I'm looking to purchase additional focusing screens and an eveready case.

-- Steve Ricker (, January 22, 2002


The shutter release electromagnet is sticky. It is a common problem in Canon A, T & F-1N cameras that haven't been exercised often. If you don't mind taking off the bottom cover, the electromagnet is easily accessible and can be cleaned with an isopropanol soaked piece of paper.

Last I checked, Leo's cameras in Vancouver Canada (604) 685-5331 had new in box everready cases and some F-1N screens.



-- Duane K (, January 23, 2002.

I had exactly the same with my second hand F1n (in very mind condition also) I sent it out for repair (sticky magnet) and start using the camera, since then (6 years now) it works perfect. (Even if there are some periodes that I not use that often)

-- Erik-Jan Stroetinga (, January 25, 2002.

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