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Some weeks back I posted some info on LF lens cases made by Justin Gnass of Chico, Calif. Well the case arrived and it is exactly what I've been looking for and thought some of you may be interested in them! They are well-padded and have adjustable dividers and are zip closing. They have a small pocket on the rear for cable release, lens spanner etc. They are equipped with a webbbing carry handle. I ordered the 3 lens version BUT my only gripe is that I can't fit 3 lenses in it!! It comfortably takes 2 "big" lenses (wide angles) but the 4 lens version would probably have been a better bet! But I am pleased with the quality. I also ordered the film holder file and this is going to prove very useful - briefly, it is a tiered flap that has pockets that accept 10 5x4 DDS, this is supplied with a handle that can be draped over tripod handles or can be used with a shoulder strap. The whole thing is covered with a flap that prevents dust etc getting to the holders.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), January 22, 2002


Any possibility of posting some pictures?

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), January 22, 2002.

I just received my 4 lens case and it comfortably handles my 80, 110, 150 & 240. I also got the film holder designed for quick/ready loads. It holds two boxes of ready/quick loads or one box and a holder. Both products are well designed. I am very pleased.

-- Scott Hoerner (scott@skylightimaging.com), January 22, 2002.

never mind on the photos. I just found his website and there are images there.

Question: It doesn't appear that the lens cases will accommodate lenses mounted on lensboards. Is this true? I would not like to have to deal with taking lensboards on and off in the field.

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), January 22, 2002.


-- Ken Miller (andawyr@hotmail.com), January 22, 2002.

The lens cases will hold lenses fitted with lensboards of up to 11cm2.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), January 22, 2002.

SORRY! the web site is at www.gnassgear.com

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), January 22, 2002.

It will accomodate the lens boards. It does look like it would be a tight fit for tele lenses like the Nikon 500t.

-- Scott Hoerner (scott@skylightimaging.com), January 22, 2002.

Paul or Scott - Are the lens cases oversized lens pouches, or is the foam used for the walls of a "structural" type that resists deformation such as that used in "lightware"-type cases? Will packing these cases into a backpack (with the normal contact with other items) cause them to collapse onto the lenses themselves - leaving the lenses to support outside pressures?

-- Wayne DeWitt (wdewitt@snip.net), January 22, 2002.

The cases are very substantial. They have adjustable dividers to keep lenses apart and these are reinforced. The walls are thickly padded and again reinforced. Once zipped up the whole thing is stable and certainly offers the best degree of protection I have found. for the price i consider them real bargains, and Justin Gnass is great to deal with too! Certainly well worth a try - beats (my) home-made type.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), January 23, 2002.

I am also anavid flyfisher and have found that cases made for flyreels are perfect as lens cases. Abel make very high quality multi-cases, and many shops supply single neoprene cases suitable for one lens. If you use a search engine you will find abel and other fishing stores.

-- Brian Colin (fzmreels@hotmail.com), January 23, 2002.

I called and asked the interior dimensions of the large lens case - it's 41/2x41/2x9.

-- Wayne DeWitt (wdewitt@snip.net), January 24, 2002.

Wayne: I think (and somebody correct me if I am wrong!) that the 9" length is the smaller of the two cases. Gnass sent me exterior dimensions of 10" for the small case, and 13" for the large (4x5) case, and I doubt that there are 2" of foam on each end. On the other hand, 9" may be the effective usable length taking out the thickness of all of the dividers?

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (gkroeger@trinity.edu), January 24, 2002.

I got the measurements from the seamstress who makes them. I hope (and suspect) that you're right (I get more room), but if she was mistaken I'm a little worried about my order. It would be nice if they placed the dimensions on the webpage, the photos aren't enough to go on. Guess I'll call back tomorrow. BTW I also ordered extra dividers - Artars, Clarons, and Fuji A's and C's don't take up much room.

-- Wayne DeWitt (wdewitt@snip.net), January 24, 2002.

Hi - - I've got the larger size Gnass lens case sitting in front of me...its inside dimensions are about 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 by 12 inches, about 13 inches long on the OUTside. I've just gotten mine and it looks to be a very well-made case. I haven't used it yet and will probably be getting the smaller one as well - for go-light, backpacking use. I think the 9 inch length dimension mentioned must be for the smaller case. I also got the Quick/Ready-load film holder and it looks to be very well made too. I think Justin Gnass puts out quality products.

best, Bill

-- Bill Stone (william.stone@juno.com), January 24, 2002.

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