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I have Upgreded computers and I have not been able to play VCD's burned with my new burner, even my old burner in my new computer will not work. I am using the latest ver. of NERO with 16X CD's. I have tried different burning speeds, disc brands. THe catch is that they will play in my laptop and on my desktop DVD player and on a new Sony DVD player. Any help would be great.

Thanks. Ryun

-- Ryun Froman (, January 21, 2002


Can you be more specific? When you say they won't play.... I run XP Pro, and also have some issues. When I cut a SVCD with Nero, then try to play it, Windows Media Player does not recognise the file format. When I manually open the MPEG from the SVCD with my ATI File Player software, it plays OK. I believe that Windows Media player may not be capable of playing SVCD's. Same problem is there when I play using Maybe try a different player, e.g. The Playa from ???

-- Paul (, February 25, 2002.


I have the same problem. I burned a VCD from an AVI file... Nero accepted, previewed the file, encoded the file and burned the CD ok. My DVD player can handle VCD and it shows the start up page, but I can't get the disc to play!! I just shows a block sign, so I'm not sure at which the place in the process the problem has occured. I'm reluctant to try burning many copies of the same project, so if anyone has some direct solutions please let me know...



-- William Alexander (, September 01, 2003.

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