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I have just been appointed the Church School Superintendant of our Church here in Riviera Beach, FL. Can anyone give me suggestions on AME material that I can purchase to get me started? What about ideas to keep excitement and attedance at it's best? I would like to communicate with other Superintendants out there to share ideas. Please send emails soon!

I am also the Director of Music. Where can I find information on AME Music Workshops? Other Music Director/Ministers of Music please respond. I would like to keep in touch also to share ideas.


-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002


A good person to ask concerning AME material would be the Rev. Vincent F. Mitchell at St. Paul Miami. He has served as the Director of Christian Education in the 11th District for over 9 years. He is also located within the same annual conference. Your pastor would know of him. Also, check with the Church School Union in Nashville, they are available as well. As for the music search, here are a few persons to contact: Mrs. Sonya Ingraham at St. Paul in Miami. She serves as the Minister of Music for the 11th District, and has been the director of the South Conference Choir. Also, the Rev. Kevin Desire at Mount Hermon in Opa Locka is also a good source for music. Both persons would be open for a music worhshop. You are in a good position since both persons are members of your annual conference (the Mighty South Florida Conference)! Your pastor is a good friend and visionary! He is also familiar with these persons. One last person to speak with concerning material is Dr. Sam Hunter up in Fellsmere. He often contributes points upon the Discipline and AME Material within the Christian Recorder. If you should need further assistance, I will be glad to help! Grace and Peace, Ray Allen "A Former Floridian"

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

Hello Charlene:

I am Church School Superintendent @ Bethel AMEC of Tallahassee, FL. I would be more than happy to discuss with you how you can achieve the growth goals for your Church School. I would recommend that you obtain a copy of Kenneth Hill's book on Charles Spencer Smith. Dr. Smith was the founder of the AME Sunday School Union. I purchased copies of the book last year for my Church School faculty and staff.

It is extremely important that your adult and youth members understand Church School education as a PRIORITY!! As Superintendent you must be a visionary, innovator, motivator, risk-taker and PR agent all rolled in one. Lackadaisical Church School attendance is due fundamentally to people not willing to make the extra "sacrifice" to get up early and take part in theological education. Explanations for non-attendance [e.g. I live too far, church school is for children, I must eat breakfast, etc.]are nothing more than thinly disguised excuses. If we approach Church School education with the same tenacity as we do in seeking professional credentials our erractic attendance patterns would quickly disappear. QED

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

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