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I notice that many people have a difficult time during this part of the year. Many who love to be outside gardening are wishing for the spring season to come. Some are suffering from "cabin fever"! This does seem to be a tough time. So I am urging you all to "Think Positive." Not just now, but trying to make it a permanent part of your life.

I know that many bad things have happened to all of us throughout our lives. But you know what, that is in the past. And while we need to learn from these things, and hopefully grow and change, we mustn't let these negative events be the definement of who we are. We can be much stronger than the negative things are! You can reach inside yourself and make yourself think in a positive way. It doesn't just happen friends, it is a choice you make each and every day: how you will face the world, and what kind of person you will be.

"Some cause happiness wherever they go, others when they go..." What is your choice going to be?

-- Melissa (, January 21, 2002


Today when I went to Hobby Lobby for quilting fabric, the ladies in the fabric department were OBVIOUSLY stressed. They were trying to take inventory as well as wait on customers. I was waiting, and their manager came up. He asked whether they would be through by Wednesday afternoon. They both expressed doubts, and gave him a run down of what was still to be done. He said it didn't sound bad. They pointed out that a new shipment would arrive Tuesday, but he shrugged and said, "So? You stock all day Tuesday and finish the inventory Wednesday." I was tempted to leap across the counter and deck him, but I restrained myself. One of the ladies asked him for more help, and he made ineffectual noises and wandered away. I offered to cut my own fabric, saying that I knew how to do it. She declined. I stacked all the rolls up and helped her with the process, and also let another lady who needed one yard of fabric go ahead of me. I offered to put the bolts away, but she said no. I grabbed about half the stack anyway, and we put them away together. By the time we got done, we were laughing about the boss, and she hugged me. At least for a few moments, she was smiling again.

-- Rose (, January 21, 2002.

Rose It is amazing how little things can mean so much, and they cost us so little. Last week I saw a lady stranded in the left turn lane in a fairly decent urban area (4 blocks from a not so decent neighborhood). I had no time schedule on this night, and pushed her to the curb when traffic allowed, chatted for a minute through her slightly open window,and told her I would stand behind her car while she waited for her dad to arrive. (She wasn't terribly frightened, but in this city, in this day and age she had to be cautious, even of me).

I waved cars around trying to move into the right lane until her dad arrived. He shook my hand and thanked me, and that was it.

All 3 of us felt good. If I had driven by, 2 of us would have been anxious (not including her hubby whom she had called on her cell phone) for an half hour, and I would have wondered what I could have done to help her for the rest of the night.

-- Rick (WV) (, January 21, 2002.

lol Rose, I think I've met that manager. lol He lurks in just about every grocery store around here. And if a guy like that ever stepped foot inside a fabric store around here, he would be grinned to death by the female customers. Around here, it's very traditional in that sense. But, I do agree with what you did. What can it hurt to make someone's life a little easier? It didn't take that much time or energy out of your life and you probably destressed yourself during the act. I applaud you and everyone who does a little kindness. Now, can I still be that way during PMS time? lol I'll put that on my "Let's try it" list and I'll let you know.

-- Iris in Central Oklahoma (, January 23, 2002.

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