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I am offered this Pentax MZ-50, Cosina 24mm-80mm and Cosina 100-300mm lens for SGD600(all parts new). Would like to know if it is a good offer. Otherwise, probably opting for a Pentax ZX-7 or Nikon N55 but still have to settle the lens issue. I would like to learn decent photography for a 2 mth backpacking trip to Vietnam in June. Pls help advise on the lens and my choice of the body. Budget SGD800.

-- Lee Choon Seng (, January 21, 2002


For S$600, I'd avoid the outfit. Look around Camera Workshop and Photoguide in the Peninsula area for better deals. There was a promo recently for the Canon EOS 30 with Canon 28-105 lens. Not sure if it's still on. Look for it or maybe the Nikon N80 body and 28-105 lens. I'd advise you to stick with Canon or Nikon lenses. Email me if you have more questions. BTW, Vietnam is a beautiful place. I'd recommend visiting the towns of Hue and Hoi An which I think are very interesting.

-- sunil (, January 23, 2002.

the package you mentioned is probably a good deal according to the person whom is selling them, but if u r talking about sharp quality pictures, Cosina might not be it. check out cathay photo at peninsula plaza and ms color at ang mo kio central for reasonable prices. another altnerative, u may want to check out the 2nd hands as well.

for me personally, if i'm going for a leisure holiday, i will carry a 28-200 lens (nikon carry this range about $950) as it gives a good coverage. if going for a photographic trip, will carry more lens.

-- sanz (, February 05, 2002.

Lee Choon Seng

Lens: 28-105 will cover most of your shot when travelling but you should considering to buy a light-weight tripod and 50 1.8 lens. Just 150$ more but very useful when you take the pics in low light condition.

Camera brand: Canon or Nikon is personal choice.

My personal: EOS 30 with EF28 2.8 EF50 1.8 and EF85 1.8

Best luck

-- Manh Cuong (, February 21, 2002.

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