sixty degrees today so I trimmed the winter beard, turned the SFG, burned the tomato rings and added $10000 to my property value : LUSENET : Beyond the Sidewalks : One Thread

Had a "tease of Spring" today, sunny and sixty degrees. While having my morning cup of "Colombian Crank Juice" decided to "run the gauntlet" . Started off by shearing my winter beard down to my spring goatee (my ex said it looked sinister, but I think it looks "Druidish":>). Turned seven more SFG plots before my hips gave out,burned off the rings and the traditional garden and paid two youngsters down the road $50 to haul 100 50 # bags of worm crap the 75 feet to the gardens and scatter it for me. Think I will go die for the rest of the week or make a make a martini (with lots of olives) and watch "Andy" and "Mash" reruns and decide how to best clean my garden walkways tomorrow.

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002


Tease of spring, eh? Sunny and 60 degrees, you say? Hmmph!! I got up yesterday morning to MORE snow on top of the car! Did you feel your ears burning?! You do realize that a bunch of us here have spring fever in the very worst way, don't you?! It ain't only the beard that's lookin' sinister from here, Buddy boy! (VBG!)

But, I forgave you this morning when it got up to almost 50* before I managed to crash out...

Of course, it's supposed to snow again by Thursday.....mutter-mumble, grumble-ruffle-sniffin' Illi-noying weather!!

I want to get out in the garden in the very worst way! I was out there wandering around the other day and Pop yelled at me - told me spring wasn't going to get here one bit sooner just because I wanted to get out there and push the season. But, but...I could start some greens; and Mike said I could have his old patio door for a cold frame cover and I could clean out the rabbit hutch and the chicken house and get that on the garden and finish moving that pile of poop from the sale barn....He thinks I'm nuts. Unc thinks I'm nuts. Hubs KNOWS I'm nuts! (But he has sense enough to keep his opinion to himself unless he thinks I'm not around to hear it!)

Sounds like you did the requisite first gardening day excessive burst of energy thing. I'd be taking that martini to the hot tub myself - to heck with Andy and MASH! Did you get the walkway figured out; or do we need to call the coroner?

I finally got the last of my seed orders called in yesterday - still have to figure out what to do about the fruit trees - how many I can find a place for this year. I know where I want to put 8 of them; but I want at least 12 more trees for a total of 16. Well, I want 14 more but I don't know where to put the semi-dwarf sweet cherries since all the rest are dwarf trees. Hubs is moving way too slow on my seed starting shelf, but he keeps telling me there's no hurry. "But I want to ADMIRE it for a while before I use it." I say. Doesn't budge him outa the recliner - MEN!

What zone are you in down there, Jay? Cass, Phyllis, Sherri and probably Diane, and I are in zone 5; Sharon and maybe Kim in zone 6. How about the rest of you? Granny always swore by putting her tomatoes in the garden around the 10th of May; but I manage to push that up a bit most years. I think I'll start watching the hummer birds a little closer - they usually show back up on Pop's birthday - May 4th; tho they have been early the past two years. Guess I need to find someone in zone 6 to let me know when they see them; then I can get ready to get in gear!

I need to get started on my towel seed squares - got yours started yet, Jim? I figure watching me do that will drive my new co-worker over the wall! It almost did the one last year; and she KNEW what I was like!! We have a garden at the hospital - well; a perennial one (where Sharon and I made our daring daylight raid - and I'm still paying off the security guard in donuts for that one!) - and a seasonal veggie one where they donate the produce to the food bank. I'm thinking about showing your fast planting method to our rec director and maybe she could have our patients glue the seeds on the paper for the garden.

Well, I gotta go find my Purple Crush sweatshirt and head out the door for another hour drive to a basketball game. What on earth am I gonna do with myself next year when I don't have any bball games to distract me this time of year!?

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

I'm in the lower end of zone 3 and get a lot of zone 2 conditions. I paid for it though by sleeping on the hardwood floor to realign my back last night and like an idiot (happy idiot though) I was out there with my chopping hoe scraping the walkways today. My sleeping bag is still on the kitchen floor :>) My neighbor couldn't believe I put $10K worth of castings into my garden. While the kids were scattering it, he just kept on whining how he paid twenty dollars for a 10 # bag where he used to live. I told him that I ramped production up to 1000 # plus per month for my gardens.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

What zone system are you using, Jay? I would think you were in about zone 8 or 9! That's USDA, BTW. I'm in 4B/5A, and Julie is in 3B/4A (she's more than 200 miles north of me).

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

The zone designations I go by is what the seed company uses on the seeds I get. Where do I find the standard chart?

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

Sort of in zone 7. Depends...

We still have snow covering the ground but it's about 35 out. Looks like more snow this week, though.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002 has a map of zones...

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

We're on the border of 3 and 4 too. I thought Julie was farther north than us though.

Man, this is some weird weather! Was almost 50 here yesterday! Hey, this is MINNESOTA!! IN JANUARY for cryin out loud! It's supposed to be 50 degrees colder than it is right now! (Not complaining, love it, just find it a bit disconcerting)

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

According to the chart at the heirloom seed site I'm in 7a/7b. Wonder why the seed packets use a diffrent one?

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

Yup, 50 here yesterday too, EM. Weatherman said it'd be up to 60, except that snow cover would keep it down. Of course, NOW there isn't much snow cover left after that. Today's supposed to be in the 40's, tomorrow the 30's. I guess this was our "January thaw"?

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

I'm in zone 5b by the Canadian zone maps. Nova Scotia has 3 zones I think... My haybale cold frame bit the biscuit last week. Heavy gales blew the windows off and then it snowed so the windows were buried. I found them by stepping on one. I will have a looooovely clean up out there come thaw.

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

Expecting big snow dump this weekend...shelves are emptying in the grocery stores now...

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

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