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Hi gang,

I have just been fussing around changing my standard routine for proofing contact of (4)4x5 negs on a sheet of 8x10 paper. As I was doing this I noticed that there seems to be light fall off. I am set up with the enlarger height and "focus" at the point where a 4x5 neg would be as if enlarged full frame to an 8x10 piece of paper. I measured it several ways (incident and spot) with my Sekonic L-508 and there is an even fall off of 1/2 EV from center to edge. I was kind of surprised. Now I don't know if this is typical or will even make much of a difference in real world printing. I hadn't noticed any problems with my prints but will go back and look. Despite this I would still love some comment on this from those more experienced than I with this finding. Thanks!

-- Scott Jones (, January 21, 2002


I measured time ago in the same way than you with the same results. I have a lpl 7452 color head, 250watts, apo-rodagon 150mm. I think itīs normal. If needed, I expose a bit more this area...

-- jose angel (, January 21, 2002.

You will find that light falloff is pretty routine with most enlargers, perhaps this is why most printers burn in the edges of their prints !

-- Jeffrey Scott (, January 21, 2002.

i noticed the same thing. when i have to print a 24x20 print out of the 4x5 negative, i use a 120mm lens. the fall off is less since the head does not have travel as far up the column. this seems to work pretty well, but i use a 150mm lens for any enlargement that is less in size. regardless, i always burn the corners and edges of all my prints.

-- howard schwartz (, January 21, 2002.

Hi Scott

For contact printings I do not focus the enlarger at all and I make sure if I want contactprints on a 8x10 paper the enlarger is in a position for where he covers at least 10x12 and I also close the lens 1 f stop down. So I have only ilumination differences at about lesser then 1/10 f stop!

-- Armin Seeholzer (, January 22, 2002.

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