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Which brand of CD-R and/or CD-RW can be used to burn a VCD and play on a Grundig XENARO 5100 DVD player. I have come to the conclusion that the brand of media is the reason I can't play VCDs (I have created myself) on the Grundig. I have tried CD-R and CD-RW (couple of brands), but the Grundig treats the dic as a data disc and defaults to an the interface used for playing MP3s. The player does support VCD and I have tested with a sample VCD. My VCDs run no probs on my PC. I have created the VCD by creating an AVI of stills (jpegs) with audio on top using Adobe Premier v6, then encoded to mpg using AVI2VCD, then used Roxio Easy Video CD Creator (v5.02d) to burn to disc. Assistance would be greatly appreciated and apologies for the essay.

Rgds Andrew

-- Andrew Tsindos (, January 20, 2002


If it can play the MP3 CD-R/RWs fine then there should be no problems. First find out if the VCDs you're creating will really play at all--try another player. There are two things here: the disc and the player. Each should be independently verified. PCs don't count: they'll play most anything. I have a feeling your problem is Roxio. Even if it were not get rid of that unstable all-icing-and-no-cake program.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 21, 2002.


-- ivo (, July 14, 2002.

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