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I have beginnings of a layout with two levels abuilding on four 5 1/2' X 8' roll-around modules (welded from 1" steel tubing) that will normally be bolted together in a 13 1/2' X 16' 'U' shape. The top levels of each module can be removed for more convenient work thereon. I am using a Digitrax DCC system.

What I need to acquire is a quick electrical disconnect scheme for use in separating the modules / levels when the need arises. Could use suggestions for appropriate electrical hardware that will be both convenient and reliable. The choices seem infinite and for a neophyte hard to tell from catalogs what is likely to serve well. Living in the boondocks of Wyoming I have no sizable town handy for electronics parts and expertise so am confined to Radio Shack or mail sources for hardware. Appreciate any suggestions offered.

-- Robert M. (Bob) Tappan (, January 19, 2002


Dear Robert,

My club, North Georgia Modurail, has in the past used Jones Plugs to mate the electrical bus between modules. Mouser Electronics, 1-800-346-6873 or, has these plugs which are pretty robust. The plugs come in 2 pin, 4 pin, 6 pin, etc arrangements.

-- David Butts (, January 31, 2002.

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