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hi, does anyone has experience with Fatar 8x10 enlarger? where can i find the information about it? i am looking for a used one...

i also like to know the different between Omega Chromega F and Super chromega F color head?....where can i find the information?


-- Jeff Liao (, January 18, 2002


Used one years ago with one of the Chromega heads-Fotar just made the chassis for heads, as I recall. Worked great, but the one we had was a monster, although not as big as the 11x14 I once used. I remember the Fotar as being very solid, but I don't have an answer to the head question--been a long time and I do everything digitally now. The world changes!

Hmmm, looking for a used one, are you. I would recommend looking for a Durst 184. It's a better (in my opinion) enlarger, more versatile (tilting head for wall projection) and should be more readily available used. These were mainstays at graphics and printing bureaus. I have used a bunch of them through the years, both condenser and color head, and very highly recommend them.

-- fred deaton (, January 19, 2002.

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