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Ok..I got a Digital Camera and I connect it through a firewire cable to my laptop, I was trying to get movies I made converted to MPG1 so than I can use Nero to make VCD.

But the current program I'm using (Windows Movie Maker) doesn't have the option to save the video I'm playing off my DVC to MPG1. Instead I got few lousy resolutions and one AVI that takes up like Gigabytes of space just for few minutes of video.

Please help there a program available where I can plug in my camera and convert my movies to MPG1 right away?


-- Kamil (, January 18, 2002


Ulead VideoStudio will capture DV movies to AVI and then convert to mpeg. There are also freeware avi to mpg converters.

-- jordan (, February 04, 2002.

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