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I made a image slide show VCD with Ulead DVD Picture Show, and the audio gets choppy when the images transition. It basically distorts and skips. I tried using wav's instead of mp3's as the source of the audio, but no luck. However, plays fine on computer DVD player. Home DVD player is a Toshiba 2715. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Mitch Buchanan (, January 18, 2002


My best guess is you have a burnable media issue. Toshibas are not known for good CD-R support. Many models didn't support it at all in the not too recent past. You might want to check and look at the DVD player compatibility list and see what it says about CD-R media and your player. Also, be aware that all CD-Rs are not created equal. Different manufacturers use different dyes and some players have problems with certain dyes. Try this - burn it to CD-RW and if it plays OK, your Toshiba probably doesn't like your brand of CD-R and you'll have to find another brand to use. It varies quite a bit as to what players like what brands, so there are no guidelines here except I do advise people to avoid buying dirt cheap CD-Rs. If you get a stack of 50 no name CD-Rs for $10, these have caused a lot of people to report having problems playing them. You're always better to stick with name brands.

-- Jason (, January 18, 2002.

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