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This is what's called a "Roll Call" Thread.

If you sign in here when you first show up to the forum, then we can have a listing of who's here without having to peruse all the answers.

Dad recently sent out a note to a few of us, and we can keep casting the net wide till we find all of us that are to be found.

Don't forget to register in the "add an alert" function if you want e-mail notes about when someone replies here - But try hard not to reply by e-mail; come into the forum and reply here, and the information will stay as a topic and not get lost in everyone's "In Box".


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2002



You get your own thread...!!!


-- Anonymous, February 16, 2002

This is me, signing in.

And this is me, signing out.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2002

This is your cousin, Susan, remember me? This is a good idea...I think I might be getting the hang, although I'm easily confused when it comes to following instructions these days. Guess I'm hurtling quickly through middle-age & heading straight toward senility! I got the web address from Uncle Renny--will forward to the other members of the family. Unfortunately, none of us are very computer literate as you all seem to be. I should be more proficient since I am unemployed at the present time. I think I could get used to this early retirement business! Take car

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

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