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I am planning with a friend to travel through Europe (from Britain) to Israel climbing the highest peaks of all the countries that we pass through - does anyone have a source of information that details which and where these mountains are thanks Andrew

-- Andrew Lindsay (, January 17, 2002


Check out should have all the info for you. Here is a quick list

BTW here is a quick list

Mont Blanc 4810M france Helvellyn 950M England Monta Rosa

-- john S (, February 13, 2002.

Check out should have all the info for you. Here is a quick list

BTW here is a quick list

Helvellyn 950M England Mont Blanc 4810M france/Italy? Monta Rosa 4634M Italy/Siwitezerland Jubiläumsgrat 2962M Germany Grossglockner 3798M Austria

There is a debate weather on mountains soley within a country or shareing a boarder are the heights point. Most of the above requre a good deal of alpine expriance especailly Monta Rosa & Mont Blanc

Good luck

-- john S (, February 13, 2002.

here is the list for the EU

Belgium, Botrange, 694 m Danmark, Yding Skovhoj, 173 m Germany, Zugspitze, 2962 m Finland, Haltiatunturi, 1328 m France, Mont Blanc, 4807 m Greece, Mount Olympus, 2917 m Ireland, Carruntoohil, 1038 m Italie, Mont Blanc de Courmayeur*, 4748 m Luxembourg, Buurgplatz, 559 m The Nederlands, Vaalserberg, 321 m Austria, Grossglockner, 3797 m Portugal, Ponta Do Pico, 2351 m Spain, Pico De Teide, 3715 m Sweden, Kebnekaise, 2111 m United Kingdom, Ben Nevis, 1328 m

You will have to add Monta Rosa for Switzerland

thanks to Lieven on

-- john (, February 18, 2002.

south (south-east)europe:

Bulgaria: Rila -Musala 2925 m Slovenia: Triglav 2864m Yugoslavia: Durmitor - Bobotov Kuk 2525m Greece: Olimp 2917

-- Dicky (, February 28, 2002.

dear sir, we are the only institute that designes Irans mountains maps. although we know your journey is not from Iran but we offer you to come to Iran where has the highest mountain in middle east (DAMAVAND). for more information mail us please. Best wishes Ali moghim

-- Ali moghim (, December 21, 2003.

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