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Well another Thursday has rolled around. I have lost 1 1/2 pounds this week. My main focus has been on eating and cooking in a much healthier way. I still have foods on hand that I probably won't buy any more, but I am trying to use them up here and there, while I incorporate new ones into our diet. Like I have kool-aid, some white flour (someone gave us) some dessert mixes etc... I have really made a committment to eating healthier. I hope I continue to lose a little weight each week, but the health aspect is going to be first.

I have been using my blender and making some fruity drinks which the kids love, putting yogurt, real juice, fresh or frozen fruit, and a handful of oats and ice in and blending them up. They are great and I can't wait to try many more.

So while losing weight is important, I am stepping up my efforts to really put good food into all of our bodies. I think I can do this and still stay on my grocery budget!

Let us know how you are doing! Anyone can join in at any time. Give us your ideas for the week, and what you have been doing to achieve a healthier life style! Thanks!

-- Melissa (, January 17, 2002


Wow! Way to go Melissa! I don't have a scale, but I was pleased that when I went to Doctor on Tuesday (those dreaded weigh ins) I hadn't gained any wieght through the holidays!

While of course I'd like to trim a few pounds-I think my focus the next few weeks will be getting in shape a little more. The fall down the stairs really shook me up and I know I'm really out of shape.

Confession-I did have a DQ cheeseburger and onion rings-though it was the first fast food in almost four months, oh it was so good! I wanted another one yesterday but I bought yarn instead.

-- Kelly (, January 17, 2002.

Melissa: I think you are a very wise woman. Your approach to weight loss is like your approach to life: practical and doable. It seems that once you plan, you do things. Go for it!

-- Ann Markson (, January 17, 2002.

Melissa-------GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

You said /you think you can do this & stay on your grocery budget--- now I'm going to tell you want I tell my own daughter---- Sweetheart-----you can't afford to not eat healty & also serve healty to your family---as you will pay for it in ALL other aspects of your life & health if you don't!!!! Said in love--- Sonda

-- Sonda (, January 17, 2002.

im still having trouble wanting a coke boy do i want a coke. but im not going to have one for a while. ive got to buy a scale eny one got eny good ideas. then i can have a coke for so much weight loss kinda reward your self. Bob se,ks.

-- Bobco (, January 17, 2002.

I have a suggestion for using your white flour - if you grow cabbage, or anything caterpillars feed on, take the flour and a sifter, go out early in the morn or nite after dew, hold the leaves back so you can get the back side of the leaves and dust them with the flour. the critters get coated with the flour, it sticks because of the dew, they probably ingest some of it - anyway, when the dew dries, so do the critters, making them good targets for the birds [who flour does not hurt].

I have lost 35-45# - didn't weigh at heaviest[!] after carrying extra weight for about 8 yrs. now I seem to be stuck at one size above my normal one. at least I haven't gained it back. which brings me to my tip for the wk -

as soon as you find yourself constantly hitchibg your jeans up once they have become too big - get into a smaller size. the fit should be proper and comfortable when you put them on 1st thing in the morn, but snug enough that if you overeat, they are not comfy. wear them all day, til bedtime. I prevent 2nd helpings that way.

-- carol (, January 17, 2002.

I gave up coke years ago(before I joined the LDS church) and was actually happy to do it! (I only drank it to be polite;) Now, the chocolate candy, that's my hard one. I haven't been to the store much since I sprained the ankle, so haven't had a chance to buy any more since the Christmas candy is gone. For me, it's best not to bring it home.

I did step on the scale this morning, and was glad to be down a couple of pounds from last week:) But, for me, honestly, a couple of pounds doesn't mean anything. Just glad not to have gained any over the holidays.

I bet I've eaten more salad over the last couple of weeks than I have in the last several years,

-- mary (, January 17, 2002.

I agree Sonda. I don't mind spending a little extra money to buy healthy food. Actually I think by cutting out the $5 or so I was spending a week on "junk" food, I can use this money to buy more fruits and vegetables. I have a goal of $55 per week for groceries, and I don't mind if I spend a little more.

I was thinking of using the kool-aid and white flour, and making some play-dough for the preschoolers!

Bob, they say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit! So maybe after 21 days you won't want the coke so much. I wouldn't drink one for at least that long. I had a friend who gave up drinking pop, and she said she doesn't even want to start drinking any, because she would probably never stop. I have little will-power myself, so I can imagine how hard this is for you.

-- Melissa (, January 17, 2002.

Well, I weighed in exactly the same as I did last week. I've been a bit under the weather and have gone to eating odd things at odd times. My exercise has been moving one pile in the house to another and feeding the goats with hubby. Oh, I've found out that I'm allergic to our goats hay. What a bummer. That has me doing the asthma kind of thing, which is a new thing for me. All of this has me really bummed out, but I'll perk back up when I get all this allergy stuff out of my system. It usually takes me about a week to thoroughly recover. Hubby does the hay alone now, which will only be until we take the critters to market. We're going to take about a 2 year sabatical from goat raising and maybe I can get my allergies under control, as well as my weight. I'm determined to lose 20 pounds by June 1st. My sister and my daughter are all doing the goal thing with me, so it should be fun no matter what happens. Good luck everyone.


-- Iris (, January 17, 2002.

Well I am back where I started! Lost 8 yes 8 pounds last week and now they are promptly back!! Actually fought the flu and ended up in the ER for IV fluids as I got so dehydrated (so lost 8) and after getting rehydrated it was back! For someone who rarely gets sick it sure hit me hard last week, as a nurse (I work in this same ER) I knew I was too the point I need IV's. Well feeling good now so will start again! Denise

-- Denise K. (, January 17, 2002.

Denise, glad you are feeling better, seems like everyone is sick...

-- Melissa (, January 17, 2002.

I am weighing in at 254, same or 1 pound down from last week.

I am not impressed. I will have to ride my exercize bike more this week.

Ann is still at 170. I am hoping to be an inspiration for one of the guys at work who is 5 foot 7, and well over 300 pounds. I haven't had any fast food, soda, or candy, and I've been trying to get him to eat better, and walk half of a mile each day.

-- Rick (, January 17, 2002.

Well, I lost 5 pounds this week, unfortunatly it's because I have bronchitus . The only thing I've been able to eat the past 3 days is a few bites of yogurt. I'm hoping to not put the weight back on when I get my appitite back. we'll see.

-- sherry calloway (, January 17, 2002.

I seem to be motivated this time! I am soo excited. I am eating better, taking a really great herbal(all natural) vitiam-which by the way makes me feel great( I am even thinking of selling it!!!), moving more...Last Wednesday I got this crazy notion in my head to go for a jog. I have been doing some really great cardio. exercises since the first and feel really good, so I did 30 min. of stretching and went for it. Started out slow and made it about 1/2 mile before my legs stopped working!!!!!!!! I felt like I was walking on wooden calfs. My ankles looked like eggs and it took days for me to be able to walk without tears!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned my lesson. I am still walking and just trying to do more physically. I started the children dancing around and moving about 30 minutes a day. They love it and I love it too. I stepped on the scale this morning to a delightful discovery- down 5 pounds this week. That makes a total of 7 pounds!!! I pray each day before I start my day for each and everyone of you who have devoted yourself to a healthier way of life. Congrats. everyone and keep up the good work-God Bless

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, January 17, 2002.

I've lost 3 # this week. I've had to eat some things with sugar as my blood sugar drops to low. Next week will be better as I'll have cotttage cheese for breakfast. Water, Water, water flushes the fat out of your system.

-- Martha Mattews (, January 18, 2002.

I don't weigh myself. I will not do so. Nope. I don't do diets, and I have to be extrememly careful. I did switch my workout around, I do that regularly, mostly what time allows, I got out my Richard Simmons tapes and twice a week now do that along with twice a week muscle toning. It's too cold to take walks most days.

I've also started the water drinking and am up to 4 glasses plus other stuff, no cokes. I don't really like to drink mch of anything and with a week bladder this is EXTREMELY Of course I haven't had much sleep because of it. I've having headaches from detoxing-Sonda can understand that. I'm not really withdrawing from anyting, so the headaches aren't from that.

I also make myself wait to eat til 2 hours after a meal. To some of you, that may sound ridiculous, but to a compulsive eater, it's a huge task. My goal is three hours.

I used to jump in and go right to perfection. I think I've finally learned a lesson. Lightbulb moment.

I used to fruit fast one day a week-for over 2 year, but I can't do that, the headaches got so bad I couldn't stand it. I've tried it since for months at a time and still can't. That's becase of the chemical poisoning.

My clothes are fitting looser in just 4 days, I guess that water really works, even at just 4 glasses.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 18, 2002.

Well it weems I hit the submit button for some reason. that's weak not week and Extremely hard. OH well.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 18, 2002.

I don't have a major problem with weight at present, but when I've been serious about it various times of my life, this is what works:

Temporary raw food diet (I'd add yogurt if I did it again). You just can't get fat on carrots, celery, fruit etc.

Fit for Life diet. A few basic rules on food combining. Most important is eating fruit in the morning all by itself.

Portioning food & calorie counting -- lots of salads, maybe a whole grain cracker and yogurt (buttermilk, too). Lots of eggs and tuna! Never felt better in my life than when doing that combined with Callanetics, which is quite an amazing exercise program (only one I've ever really enjoyed). Might get back to this program. Was almost addicted to the Callanetics, but does take about an hour a day out of your life.

-- HV (, January 22, 2002.

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