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On Monday Jan 14, 2002 I recieved my copy of the Christian Recorder, date November 12, 2001. The mailing label was strategically placed oved the date. On page 7 was an advertisment about the Second Information Technology Workshop sponsored by the AMEC Finance Departmant, Office of the General Secretary and the American Bible Society. To my knowledge, this is the first notice of this conference. My question is this: How long will we pay our elected Officers to publish our Official Newspaper and let them publish it late on every issue? I remember our current editor, when he was running for election crossing the country running for office. How long before we elect a professional Editor such as Rev. John to publish our Official periodicals on time. The Missionary Magazine is on time, why not the Christian Recorder?


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2002


Does the Discipline provide for a recall procedure of a General Officer if she/he is derelict in duty? I hope Bob Matthews has the answer. The repeated delinquencies cited by Rev. Spain's office about the receipt of the Christian Recorder are simply unacceptable. A change in this position is warrented if the goal is customer satisfaction. We must do better. QED

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2002


I am sorry to say I think our only recourse lies with those we elect as delegates to the General Conference. I attended a Bishops Council Meeting in Birmingham, AL prior to the last session of the General Conference. During that session many of these same issues were addressed and the persons responsible were reprimanded and given an ultimatum to correct them immediately. Needless to say we went right back to the General Conference, some of these same persons were re elected, and many of these problems still exist.

We simply must write and pass stronger legislation. This may also be due to the fact that we often send uninformed persons to represent us at the General Conference. Using myself as an example, It took me the second time around to realize that in the ballot box I could vote my own conviction regardless to what anyone else said or thought. I also learned that even on the floor I could speak my mind without fear of intimidation if recognized by the chair. But to do so one needs to be well informed and on top of the issues involved.

We simply have to do more to train persons who represent us to represent us well. This is especially true in light of the fact that our own good is at stake and what they do could ultimately change our lives for at least four years, and perhaps even for many generations to come.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2002

Again, the need for accountability rears it's head. In the business world, there is always something in place to address poor performance.

Are there are no guidelines for a course of action to be taken for those who do not perform adequately the duties entrusted to them other than the people/entity having to wait four years before it can be straightened out?

Whatever the reason for the Christian Recorder not being timely, the board should be able to alleviate the problem beginning with an in depth study on first of all, what is the problem? timeliness? then, how can the problem be rectified? i.e., what is needed to get the paper up to speed? Is it equipment? staff? lack of interest? whatever the reason, if it's addressed, it can be solved.

Brother Bill did say that before the General Conference of 2000, our esteemed editor had been given an ultimatum to correct the problem immediately. But he didn't mention what would be the outcome if the problem wasn't corrected, nor do we know the time frame (immediately if not sooner than when?)in which the duly elected person would have to rectify the problem. Albeit, at the general conference, the same person was reelected.

Yes, I do have to agree with you Brother Bill, our laity are not properly educated in the matters that will effect the connectional church and therefore, decisions are made based upon friendships, gifts, and dollar bills. Sad, sad commentary; and another matter to pray about. Are there guidelines in the 2000 discipline to address a matter such as this or, are we subject to suffer it out until 2004? Does the person in charge need help to get the material out in a timely manner? Do we know why it's not timely?

Hosea 4:6a, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Rev. John does such a wonderful job with this site, that it baffles me that he's not our editor in chief of the main mouthpiece of the AME Church.

Love, peace, joy --- much HOPE!

Rev. J

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2002

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