Leica R Lenses on EOS Bodies

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I think I already know the answer to this, but when using a Leica R lens on a Canon EOS body via the adapter, does the lens diaphragm stop down automatically to the chosen shooting aperture, or must it be manually opened to focus and then reset to the shooting aperture?

-- Dave Jenkins (djphoto@vol.com), January 15, 2002


Manually opened and closed.

-- JDR (jrivera@vapop.ucsd.edu), January 15, 2002.

As noted, it's all manual, which means that you can only meter in stop-down mode. The camera will work in Aperture Priority, but again, only in stop-down mode. It's all a bit slow in use, but it works.

-- Robert Schneider (rolopix@yahoo.com), January 15, 2002.

Frankly I can't see much use to cross-mounting R lenses on EOS bodies if you're going to stop them down, instead of Canon L glass. At mid apertures there isn't much difference except maybe a slightly different color rendition.

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), January 15, 2002.

Because I don't have a lot on my mind at the moment, I was thinking about the R/EOS setup some more. I agree with Jay. If the goal is to use R glass on a more "sophisticated" camera body, I think the way to go is with an R8. I'm not much of an R8 enthusiast, but with the prices plummeting it seems a more logical and practical "modern" mate for R lenses than an EOS. You get full-aperture metering in evaluative, center-weight and pseudo-spot modes, TTL flash with rear-curtain sync switchable on the body, etc., etc. No you don't get E-TTL, but that seems pretty minor, and you don't get a built-in motor, which isn't a huge deal except that you need the R8 motor drive ($500-$700) (not the winder) to get a vertical release. :-( Nice bright finder on the R8, too.

-- Robert Schneider (rolopix@yahoo.com), January 15, 2002.

Hello Dave:

Why not buying a leica R7 body? As effective as a EOS, add a winder if you wish.

Mind you, some EOS lens are very peaky, so I was told by my Photographer. So, why bother, just wave your credit card and claim ZE best of Ze Best of Canon For information, Yann Arthus Bertrand, famous for his landscape sceneries taken from the sky has used a Fuji 6x7 and a Canon EOS

And those pix are breath taking....

Regards. Xavier.

-- Xavier d'Alfort (hot_billexf@hotmail.com), January 18, 2002.

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