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Anyone using the Super Technika 23? Can it be hand held like a medium format camera. How is the weight compared to a full Hasselblad or Rolleiflex kit. I looked at a Master Technika 45 at B&H and it was much to heavy for me to think about using without a tripod. I don't know of any retailers who have the 6x9's on display or for rent.

-- Hank Graber (, January 15, 2002


Camera is not so heavy, but for me it is much easier to hold 35mm camera with heavy lense and good grip or Rolleiflex SL66 with tele lens than Technika 23. Maybe just because I rarely use Linhof handheld and the grip is on the left side. I can hold heavy 35mm gear for hours, but Tecnika only for short time. Maybe other users have different experiences. Regards,

-- janez pelko (, January 15, 2002.

Cant the camera be ordered with the gip on right and rangefinder on left (for right handed - right eye users)?

-- Hank Graber (, January 15, 2002.

Sorry about the spelling, its early... that should read: Can't the camera be ordered with the grip on the right and rangefinder on the left (for right handed - right eye users)?

-- Hank Graber (, January 15, 2002.

My experience of shooting with the S.T. Linhof's 23 V & the 23 Vb & the Technika 70 is since 1978. When shooting hand held I prefer the Hassy, as street or wild nature and landscape shooting with the 23 hand held using the RF and the universal VF is some kind of pain for me. Not because of its weight (4 lbs or so) and dimensions (7x5.5x3.5” folded), just because you are limited with use of the only lens for example the 100mm (allows folding). The great pain is to change a lens, what you must for: 1) change a distance scale on the bed, 2) set the adequate value of the lens focus length on the VF, frame and parallax compensation 3) change the stoppers (fold one pair and unfold the other one) on the bed rails for the lens you chose, 4) change the cam for the lens chose 5) change the lens.

So, when I shoot with the 23 I take with me either the Symmar-S 100 mm or the S.A. 65mm (the camera constantly unfolded with the S.A.), the one back S.Rollex (6x6, 6x7 or 6x9mm), the univ. lens shade with the compendium, the VF and the cable release. I don’t like a grip for its dimensions. The focusing and composing you are forced to do from two different points placed on the right side and the top of the camera are still a pain. Focusing in the center with the RF and composing off the center with the VF affect the distance to the subject, so you get unsharp image. And you can’t compensate the difference with swings when shooting with the RF. However if you got used to it you can take great pictures of very large formats. The Technika 70 is more convenient for focusing and composing as it has the large room for the RF, VF and the meter on the camera top, but is huge. And the last advice: take multi coated flare free lenses only, they are the best of all, it doesn’t matter: Symmar-S, Apo Symmar or XL Symmar, which differs with a circle of coverage.

There are left and right hand grips available, but the RF is placed on the right side only.

-- Victor Randin (, January 15, 2002.

I have a Super Technika 23 and do use it hand held. Although it can be done, it's a bit difficult for a few reasons. Unlike a 35 mm camera (or one of the larger format through-the-lens cameras), I can't just look through the lens, read the meter, make the necessary lens adjustments, and shoot - all without moving my eyes from the viewfinder.

I first read the meter, set the f stop and speed, look through the rangefinder to focus, and look through the multifocus viewfinder to make sure the image is lined up (also making sure that I have an approximation of the distance set in the multifocus finder to correct for parallax). Then, because my hands are small, it's hard for me to reach the shutter release on top of the grip.

It can be done, but with a lot of steps. In spite of all this, I have great fun with it using it on the streets. If I'm not in practice with the camera, I lose a lot of shots using it this way. And I get a lot of people who are curious about what kind of camera I'm using.

The weight has not been a problem. I do carry along a monopod when using it for street shots. And obviously, when using it in this manner you are not going to be using any of the view-camera abilities of the camera.

-- Artie Kapell (AKapell@HSC.VCU.Edu), January 15, 2002.

Unfortunately, the Super Technika 23 is no longer in production. It seems that you are not aware of this.

-- Joachim Inkmann (, January 15, 2002.


I have a 4 X 5 Super Technika V and I know that the anatomical grip is available for both sides. I assume that the grips were available for the 23 series as well. However, the right hand anatomical grip (fits on the rangefinder housing) is not intended for carrying the camera! The rangefinder housing was not designed to support this weight. It's purpose was to aid in keeping the camera steady for hand held shots. It was most useful with the 5 X 7 Super Technika because of its size and weight. So, you may want to check with HP Marketing about the use and limitations of dual anatomical grips.

As far as hand held use of the Super Technika 23, I agree with the other comments that a reflex system is faster and easier to use but the rangefinder system is certainly possible for hand held use. Look at what photographers did for years with 4 X 5 Speed, sports, etc. Now that's not to say it was convenient!

Best of luck,

J. P. Mose

-- J. P. Mose (, January 15, 2002.

I own a tech V 2x3 and love it. But not for hand holding....too damn slow and tedious and HEAVY!If it were my only camera and I used it every day I'd probably be better at hand holding it. With a roll film back it's very close in weight to what the 4x5 would be.Not the best for hand holding but nice to know you can. Quality is super.

-- Emile de Leon (, January 15, 2002.

“Unfortunately, the Super Technika 23 is no longer in production.”

Linhof Super Technika 23 V(b) (000037) is in production. Availability: special order. FNC=CatalogActivator__Acatalog_html___CatID=25___SID=EBA54E00F70

-- Victor Randin (, January 16, 2002.

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