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I bought a user Korona to try out large format photography. I loved it and hated it. I loved the flexibility of movements, the (relatively) light weight and simply the joy of using an old camera. The problem is that, given my family situation, I found that roll film is a more realistic way to go. I also do not have an enlarger that handles 4x5 and probably won't have one any time soon. So, my questions: 1. What sort of roll film holder fits this back? 2. What is the shortest lens I can use? I figure I could always make a recessed board, but I suspect the real limit is where the lens starts seeing the focusing rail. 3. Should I forget about it and get a newer camera instead?

Thanks -- Mark

-- Mark Fisher (, January 14, 2002


Mark: The Calumet roll film holder should work fine in your camera. It is inserted like a film holder. I can't help with the minimum focal length lens, as you will have to figure how much the bellows will collapse. Many of the older cameras have had the bellows replaced, and thickness of the material will have an effect. I believethere are better choices for shooting exclusively roll film.


-- Doug Paramore (, January 15, 2002.

Mark, you just gave me a great idea. I would buy an old Mamiya Standard camera: take off the back, or if you can, find an M adapter and mount this to the camera; get a mamiya focusing holder (a ground glass holder); and a Mamiya 6x9 back. Probably could be done for $200. You will have one of the finest 120 film backs ever made and even some extra rear movements if you use the Mamiya camera back! While you would have to take the focusing screen on and off for each shot isn't workable and affordable.

-- (, January 15, 2002.

Meant to say "Workable and affordable." Why not just use a Mamiya in the field: now you have more extension, precise focusing and front movements.

-- (, January 15, 2002.

Mark, If you can afford a newer camera, then why not just buy that 4x5 enlarger? Or pick up a good film scanner. I used to have an old 4x5 Korona, and a 90 worked great, and I am just guessing, but I think a 75 would be the limit.

-- Matt O. (, January 15, 2002.

Mark, I have recently been face with a similar problem. I bought a 6x9 roll film holder through ebay. What you might consider for your enlarging needs is to add a scanner and photo printer to your computer. This could be much less expensive than a used 4x5 enlarger.

-- James Chiafos (, January 16, 2002.

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