Buget tripod under $100 for nature/architecture photography?

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I am a beginner looking forward to buy a Nikon FM10 and I would like to shoot some architecture/nature/landscape photography. Is there any cheap tripod under $100? Or second-hand?

What is the difference between them and those higher priced tripod?

Thanks. Lan Xing

-- Lan Xing (lan_xing@hotmail.com), January 14, 2002


yes, there are tripods under $100, you can try cathay photo at peninsula plaza or ms color at ang mo kio central. unless u know people, it might be abit difficult to get second hand tripod, u can look under classified or notice boards of photography societies etc for such deals.

the main difference is the sturdiness. as tripod is one of the main accessories to get sharp crisp pictures, it must be able to hold the camera weight (imagine long tele lens 400-600mm) and withstand winds (weak or strong). a good tripod made of carbon fibre can cost more than $500, depending on the numbers of ways you can manipulate the tripod.

-- sanz (san2@bluemambo.com), February 05, 2002.

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