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Hello everyone,

I've just purchased my first view camera, a nice Wisner 4X5. I've got a Fuji quickload holder to go with it. However, I can't figure out how to attach the holder to the back of the camera. Does it slide it in front of the ground glass, or do I have to remove the ground glass? Thanks for any and all advice.


-- Brian Vuille (cleowolfe@yahoo.com), January 14, 2002


It should slide right in behind the ground glass just like a film holder; at least that's the way it works on my camera.

-- Katharine Thayer (kthayer@pacifier.com), January 14, 2002.

Sorry Katherine it slides in FRONT of the ground glass if you are looking at the camera from the back. Brian the quickload should load just like a regular film holder, pull the top lip of your ground glass and slide the holder in.

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (jorgegm58@prodigy.net.mx), January 14, 2002.

Yes, behind the glass. The glass is between the film holder and you; therefore, the film holder is behind the glass. I think we've got a positional semantic problem here, not a difference of opinion problem.

-- Katharine Thayer (kthayer@pacifier.com), January 14, 2002.

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