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Leitz Focomat IIC Auto-Focus Enlarger (#042-616)

Unique turret mount for Leitz Focotar II 1:5.6/100mm enlarging lens and Leitz (or other mfg) 60mm enlarging lens (not provided)

Modifications made by Albert Beck in Los Angeles who designed and produced the first Hasselbald motor-driven camera that went to the moon.

28.5 cm column extension for large prints auxiliary lens board for Leitz Focotar II 100mm enlarging lens auxiliary lens board for Leica 60mm f2.8 Macro-R lens recessed bayonet mount - lens not provided)

Accessories: Leitz perspective control negative carrier Omega 11x14 easel w/ brass base plate for ball & socket head mount

Condition: Like new

Shipping Data: contained in 4 cartons with combined shipping weight of _____

-- Steve Kahn (shkahn@earthlink.net), January 14, 2002

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