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"Dream-Land" seems to be the only poem not to be discussed here, yet it is the poem I was looking for thoughtful response on. I'm interested in metempsychosis and afterlife. Also, transcendentalism intrigues me with Poe. I am aware that he is not a trans. and I label him an anti-trans. Any help is sincerely appreciated! PLEASE respond by Jan. 15! THANKS!

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2002


dreamland is poe's vision of the afterlife in the dark regions where the eye cannot see anything but shadows and therefore sees only ghostliness, sadness and gloomy aspects. Therefore no comfort any more than for the sheeted memories of dead friends and ill angels ruled over by the night. Dream vision is a way of crossing the shore between life and death in a way to pierce the veils the ordinary eye cannot. And this is the dismaying, inadequate and foreboding best he can do although he remains convinced and hopeful that their are heavenly glories within this darkened vision. Poe is well aware that the best he can really do to envision the afterlife and preserve the memories of the dead past is to wander in this twilight zone boundary area with his rational mind keeping his wild imaginings and fears in check. See El Dorado.

See Eureka and articles on that book for Poe's cosmological mysticism which sounds at times like transcendentalism but in fact is his own peculiar feeling and philosophy. The spiraling dissipation and destruction from the singular unity is answered by return and repetition for solace. So his hope is always balanced by his real experience of loss in this life, his art seeking to connect to this hope or at least maintain his committment. see www.eapoe.org or poedecoder.com for text and articles. Poe has tales and articles on metempsychosis and other aspects of this in between state beyond but trapped in the ordinary.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2002

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