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If the autofocus on a Ic is out of adjustment how difficult is it to get it back into adjustment ? What tends to cause the autofocus to go out of adjustment ?

I am considering the purchase a of Focomat Ic or Valoy II which has manual focussing.


Tony Salce

-- Tony Salce (, January 14, 2002


Hello Tony,

tried to give you an answer just now to your Q a bit further down ... Well, I own a FOCOMAT IC and the thing NEVER went out of alignment, so do not worry. What you have to do carefully is to adopt the hight of the enlargereasel precisely to the extention of the column!

This precedure is described in the manual. I have not done it for ages, or actually never, because I use the very same easel I bought the enlarger with.

Best wishes

-- K. G. Wolf (, January 14, 2002.

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